About Jonny

The Jonny character was inspired by author Michael DiLorenzo’s own son and tireless fishing buddy, Jon. The adventure book series was created to introduce kids to outdoor fun in the hopes that the outdoors will become a key part of their lives to be enjoyed forever.

Today’s structured activities, along with television, video games and computers, deny children the exciting life lessons and opportunities that await them outdoors. To run without a coach, to play without instructions and to learn without a lesson plan are but a few of the many benefits that outdoor adventures can give children.

The outdoor experiences families share together will create some of their fondest memories and serve as building blocks to the ever-evolving child/parent relationship. Enjoy the Adventures with Jonny series with your children and take them fishing when you’re done reading.


About Michael DiLorenzo

A married father of three and a passionate fan of his home state of Michigan, Michael DiLorenzo has logged countless hours fishing the state’s abundant rivers and lakes. Introduced to fishing by his father, Michael has enjoyed doing the same for his son and two daughters -- teaching them to fish at a young age and towing them around the Great Lakes State through all four seasons of fishing. Michael looks forward to many more adventures that await him and his family in the outdoors.

Look for more Adventures with Jonny to come! Future books will include road trips to National Parks, camping/hiking, canoeing/kayaking, species specific fishing, salt water fishing, fly fishing and more!

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