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Taxidermist John Lombardo...FROM THE WOODS TO THE WALL

Nov 09, 2011

Posted by admin @ 2:43 pm

    The Process of Memory Preservation


Aug 23, 2011

Posted by Jonny @ 12:49 pm


Outdoor Challenge Water Activities

Jul 20, 2011

Posted by Jonny @ 11:02 am

Hey my fellow adventure friends.  It is week three of my summer challenge.  This is so much fun.  This weeks challenge (due the super hot weather in my homestate of Michigan) is participating in a water activity.  Go get wet!  Canoeing, kayaking, boating, jet skiing, sailing, swimming, wding, stone skipping, water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, floating, diving,

Summer Outdoor Challenge Catching

Jul 20, 2011

Posted by Jonny @ 10:54 am

Summer Outdoor Challenge


Big BASS Little Ponds

Jun 29, 2011

Posted by Jonny @ 1:50 pm

A tag team effort by cousins Jonny and Joseph produced this Pond Monster Wannabee! 



Summer Outdoor Challenge

Jun 01, 2011

Posted by Jonny @ 2:05 pm

Jonny’s Summer Outdoor Challenge


Bows, Does and Bucks An Introduction to Archery Deer Hunting wins Multiple Awards!

May 17, 2011

Posted by admin @ 9:56 am

Bows, Does and Bucks An Introduction to Archery Deer Hunting wins two book Awards

Become a Jr. B.A.S.S Member

May 12, 2011

Posted by admin @ 1:53 pm

B.A.S.S…. A Club to Get Hooked On!


Steelhead! Coming soon to a river near you

Apr 07, 2011

Posted by admin @ 10:25 am

This may sound like a movie preview of the latest Disney or Pixar animated film, destined to be the next blockbuster.  The reality is, the steelhead experience is more powerful than that.  This fish will supercharge your senses upon hook up, put you on a cloud upon landing one, or leave you heartbroken when they escape your reach as they so commonly will do to the best of fishermen.

Outdoorama February 24-27. 2011 Novi, Mi

Feb 24, 2011

Posted by admin @ 10:27 am

Kids have Cabin Fever?  Take a break from winter and head on out to Outdoorama  Visit us at booth 5360  We are offering great show specials, discounted books, and free hat with purchase Visit Jonny at the Trout Pond and Kids Casting booth on Saturday and Sunday

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